Personalised virtual style analysis with Skype

Personalised virtual style analysis with a face-to-face experience

It’s the Skype call that makes the difference. That’s when I can get a sense of your personality – and that is what style is about.

Yes, shape and height are important. But you are a living, breathing, moving, expressive human being and your style must be your style.

What happens in this personalised virtual style analysis?

First, I ask you to send me some specific photos and measurements. I also send you a questionnaire regarding style. Please note – this questionnaire is a basis for our call and it can reveal much. However, it is the starting point, not an attempt to make you ‘fit’.

Then I will look at these and carry out a style analysis.  I prepare a report for you about the style that is indicated for you, that expresses who you are.

However, that’s not all.

Usually I send you a preliminary report. Then in a full 30 minute Skype call I explain my findings. I also check them during our visual communication which gives me a lot more information, so I can complete my report.

The call gives you the opportunity to ask me any questions regarding for example, your hair, clothes and accessories. In this way the whole experience is much more personal and the results are really personalised.

It’s the Skype call that makes this an exceptionally personalised package for virtual style analysis.

After the call

I send your full report to you. This includes:

  • your style analysis results
  • indications for hair shape, jewellery and other accessories
  • a picture of your style and accessories
  • details on how to use the analysis

Two more essentials:

  • I include email support for any necessary clarification: for me, if I need more information or photos at the beginning or during my investigations, and for you if you have any questions in order to fully enjoy the rewards of this consultation.
  • usually the whole enjoyable process is completed within five days.

The fee for this package: £95 (currency converter here)

Special offer: book for both the Personalised Virtual Style Analysis and the Personalised Virtual Colour Analysis for just £157 in a single payment.

What to do next

  1. Email me clicking this link, letting me know you want this consultation. I will send you details of some pictures I require. I will also send you the payment link.
  2. Make the payment via PayPal ( you can use this even if you don’t have a PayPal account).
  3. I will then send you a really interesting Style Questionnaire.
  4. Email me the photos and your answers.
  5. Schedule the Skype call with me. Take the call time to ask as many questions as you possibly can!
  6. Receive the full report.  Please note: the report is written for your easy reference. It is detailed but completely without waffle.
  7. Collect the styles together in your wardrobe as it is now, clear out what doesn’t work, and go shopping.

Good wishes and happy days!